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Scan any book with ScoutIQ and instantly see the profit that can be made if sold on Amazon. List and send off the books you've purchased to Amazon's warehouse. Wanting to work for himself, Mike started scouting for books on nights and weekends until 6 months later when he was able to step away from his job and sell on Amazon full-time. See his story here. Tina and Monty started selling on Amazon in retirement to make some extra cash and fund their travel.

Using thrift stores and libraries near them they are able to make a consistent monthly income and travel. I'm a rookie and today was my first time out scanning I was using [the other guys], almost every book I brought home was a dud.

Then my son found ScoutIQ. What a difference! It's so much fun. They literally sold within days after hitting the warehouse. ScoutIQ helped me find the gold Measures how often a book has sold in the past 6 months.

Scan books faster without the need for an internet connection. Earn guaranteed cash by selling your books directly to Amazon. Accept or Reject decisions based on how you would price each book. Focus on the bottom line with ScoutIQ. This is hands down the best database app for scanning books, and will shortly be the best scanning app for everything.

I'm repricing my inventory according to the suggested price point from ScoutIQ ScoutIQ is amazing. Tells you how often something sells opposed to just rank.

It's the best app to me by far. Love it already! It's faster than [the other guys] and easier to understand. ScoutIQ is a retail arbitrage app created to help Amazon sellers find profitable products quickly. Download a database of books directly to your device to scout with or without an internet connection. Use Team Mode to hire other scouters and manage them within the web portal.

Step 1 Thank you! Your submission has been received! Version 2. Scan it, list it, sell it. ScoutIQ helps you find profitable books to sell on Amazon.Discussion in ' Amazon ' started by jennybOct 20, Log in or Sign up. Online Seller Forum. I've done some forum searches and read some threads on here, but a lot of them are from much earlier in the year Has anyone used all 3 and have a recent comparison of each they'd be willing to share?

I used up my FBAscan "live search" trial before getting a bluetooth scanner which I currently have on order. I know database is faster, but does anyone know if my bluetooth scanner would make fba scan live search faster? What do you like about it? What do you NOT like about it?

I liked Accelerlist, but it's a pro and a con that they keep "changing" everything. It's great they're trying to improve, but they change WHERE you find everything to list, and I'm not sure it's beneficial enough to continue. Accelerlist has just promised one before the Amazon deadline, etc. BUT I've never used Inventory Lab so am wondering what everyone likes and dislikes about IT and if anyone has used it against Accelerlist to compare the two??

I HATE paying for things I don't use not currently using accelerlist, but paying for it so I don't loose my "grandfathered in" price, but really wondering if IL is "way better" or just as glitchy and not worth the change. Note: I do NOT use a repricer. I'm not against it per say, but haven't learned how.

scoutly vs scoutiq

Currently, can't afford another expense, AND don't want to use one, make mistakes and have it cost me at this stage. Thanks, everyone! Therefore I have a need to click through to the live AMZ product page on each book. If you rely on the database then if you lose your signal you can scan against the database and make more buying errors. The count does not carry over to the database app.

Therefore the live app is cheaper and in my opinion better. Scanpower is great because its free and present the CCC and keepa on the same page. I am addicted to FBA scan the most. Hope this helps.

scoutly vs scoutiq

AD BooksellerOct 21, Kofi likes this. Thanks, AD. I especially like the "average" sales rank that FBA scan shows. I searched the forum and Andrew seemed to not be super happy with IL and didn't mention using Scoutify, but didn't seem like he thought there was anything "better" out there over IL either. I'm hoping he and other veteran book sellers will definitely chime in. I use Neatoscan and Inventorylab.

Honestly they will pay for themselves. I see a lot of beginners try to justify not getting these tools. These tools will make everything you do X faster, easier, and all around better.This is the best scouting app with a lot more features than any other similar app on the market.

You can download an entire pricing database to your phone, so you can get instant pricing information anywhere, anytime without the Internet connection. It also supports title search and live search on other sites. The database is for Amazon US. Scoutly works with the built-in camera on iPhone. Because of the way the software works, this app that comes with a significant learning curve. I used the app for around a month before I figured out how to set up the triggers according to my required net profit.

Once the triggers work figured out, the app is extremely easy to use. This option comes with the app on one device and all the software on the Internet. This option also comes with database mode which makes scanning much faster and more convenient when there is no Internet, Wi-Fi, or data.

In short, I wish I had known about this app sooner. I really appreciate the speed and ease of access this app offers. They keep coming out with new services included with the original fee and other many great features. The last two updates have really lowered the ease and convenience of the app. After a few scans the rank of items disappears and you have to restart the app. App used to be simple and effective but has been going downhill with the latest updates.

The current version on App store fixed both rank display and numpad issue for iPhoneX. Please reconsider your feedback based on the fix. Requires iOS 9. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Feb 6, Version 9. Fix editing Profit Trigger on the device crash. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size Category Business. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy.To make this difficult choice a bit easier, I downloaded both apps and did an in-depth comparison to see what set them apart.

It costs significantly less than ScoutIQ while simultaneously offering more useful features. The annual subscriptions tell a similar story. And remember, the Amazon FBA bookselling business is one of exponential returns. Being able to see the average sales rank is a huge deal. The current sales rank can be a pretty misleading metric for gauging the demand of a product on Amazon. This is because the current sales rank drops like a rock each time an item sells.

You can only get an accurate picture of the true demand for a product by looking at the average sales rank which is an average of the last days. ScoutIQ only shows the current sales rank, which can trick you into making some ill-advised purchases. Note: ScoutIQ now lets you do this. Please skip to the next section. ScoutIQ does not have any way for you to look items up on eBay.

This is helpful for a few reasons. Reason 2: It can quickly tell you if a book is a textbook. Still, having the ability to view the graph information on the scan results page will ultimately let you make quicker purchase decisions.

ScoutIQ only lets you edit triggers on their website. It can also be difficult to set the triggers on a website while using a mobile browser, which adds to the unnecessary complexity of setting your triggers on your computer. Some sellers only sell books and media. This can be problematic if you have a limited amount of storage available on your phone. For example, you might not be able to take pictures or videos unless you do one of the following:.

The Best FBA Barcode Scanning Apps (2019 Update)

Of course, if you have ample storage space on your phone, this is a non-issue. ScoutIQ does not let you edit trigger colors or font sizes. This list is great if you want to review your finds at the end of a sourcing trip.

Looking through this list is much quicker than scanning through your finds all over again. I wrote this article to compare the two mainstream Amazon book price scanner apps.

Try Scoutly For free today. I'm Steve. I've been selling books using Amazon's fulfillment service for more than two years.I may earn a commission from any purchases made as a result of content displayed anywhere on this blog post. Private label wins in so many ways too, as you open the potential towards varying types of products. But as someone who previously sold on eBay, including textbooks, I thought this would be a cool app to use.

Paired with my OPN bluetooth scanner for scanning books, I decided to try this out for some weekend fun. So the interface initially looks quite clean and user-friendly. Not bad at all! This one is going to eBay, but certainly I can see the appeal for those who live in the United States. From what I hear, however, is that textbooks are way too competitive nowadays. As in…there is very little money left here.

I loved that you can set your own triggers. What this means is that, while this software comes with some good defaults so you only buy profitable units to sell on Amazonyou can modify them to suit your business model. Perhaps you like to sell high volume and low profit, or in my case, low volume and high profit.

FBAScan/Scoutly vs. Profit Bandit: Amazon Scanner App Review (2020)

You can also change the settings in addition too. One thing that is expensive is the Bluetooth scanners. Perhaps the biggest downside to ScoutIQ is the lack of trigger depth. You can only set a very basic Trigger Set which is unfortunate. It appeared to be significantly better than the competition. But is it? It costs much less, has more features and has an extensive free trial basis. Both do share a lot of the exact same features, including the ability to scan with both smartphone cameras and attachable scanners.

The best bet is to find what the professionals are using. Through my test of the paid software Yes, I did sign up for it! Searching online it appears that these ScoutIQ coupon codes were only available at the initial app launch? I found one video where someone was providing a discount. That brings me to the business model of selling textbooks.

It appears that a lot of universities and colleges are moving away from printed materials, and into digital materials. Bad news for textbook resellers, but great news for the environment! This is a key reminder to build a longterm and sustainable business.

I have plenty of free guides available here to help you start that journey. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.One of the most common questions I hear from other sellers is what scanning app to use to look up prices. Looking up comps quickly on an item is absolutely crucial to any form of reselling. I wrote this article for something I can point to whenever I am asked which app I prefer to look up prices. Lets go over a few things first to define what we are looking for in a scanning app:.

The data should be available instanteously instead of needing to wait for a response from a server. This is crucial if you are using a barcode scanner or doing a lot of scanning in a short period of time like at a book sale. Barcode Scanners: A Barcode scanner allows you to quickly scan a barcode to lookup an item. All of the apps in this article are designed to work with barcode scanners except the Amazon Seller App and eBay app. However, I have not personally tried this option yet.

The app is popular with book sellers due to an offline database download feature and easy integration with Bluetooth scanners allowing you to scan through books super fast. There are a lot of stores I go to that have spotty cell service so having access to a database on your phone spends up the process tremendously. The only real negative of this app is that certain options can be very difficult for newbies to figure out.

P ositives: Downloadable database option for offline use, reasonably priced for the function it provides. Negatives: Can be difficult for a newbie to set up especially profit triggers to buy or reject.

Some settings can be confusing. My main complaint with ScoutIQ is that I have run into various issues with the software on an Android device which prevented me from using it specifically the way it interacts with the Android keyboard with a barcode scanner. I would be more willing to recommend this to beginners with an iOS device at this point. ScoutIQ was initially made for books but now supports just about anything on Amazon.

Positives: Easy to use, requires very little setup. Downloadable Database Option for offline scanning. Scoutify lacks a downloadable database option so it requires an Internet connection to use.

Positives: Free if you use InventoryLab. Negatives: No offline scanning mode with a downloadable database. However, I have heard good things from friends who do use it.

Positives: Cheap and easy to use. Unfortunately, the way it displays data can be a bit frustrating and it does not work well at all with a Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Reviews of three book scouting apps

Absolutely take advantage of this Free option while you are getting started! Positives: Completely free for everyone! Negatives: No offline mode, does not work with a Bluetooth scanner, does not present information in a way that many sellers can quickly use to make a buying decision. Many items will be available on eBay that you may not be able to find on Amazon!

Always be open to selling on multiple platforms if you can get an item at a great price! Do you have almost no money to spend on tools or are just getting started?

Stick with the free Amazon Seller App! Do you want to do a lot of scanning offline like at book sales or thrift stores and are comfortable with a slightly harder to use app? Use ScoutIQ, it is really easy to setup and use! Use ProfitBandit! Skip to content One of the most common questions I hear from other sellers is what scanning app to use to look up prices. Last Update: January 27, Sign up Log in.

scoutly vs scoutiq

Hidden Hustler. By Hidden Hustler. I just want to help give people the keys that I have found that have helped me along the way. Listen on. Where to listen.

Sponsor: Anchor. What is the best book scanning app in ? Go to next audio Go to next audio. Go to prev audio Go to prev audio. Thank you so much for tuning into this episode!

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