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Simple j-pole antenna for 2 meter how to build a J-pole antenna for 2 meter band with many photos ecc. Covers most of the basics. This small and thin design also makes it good for several stealth applications.

The figures give the details of the dimensions, components and construction. Fitting the requirements of directionality, high gain, and portability. The elements can be removed and replaced in a few minutes.

2m portable yagi

The 2. Moreover this antenna, while dismounted is just 1 meter long, and the total weight is just grams. The antenna was largely based information and analysis provided by the RSGB's. A backpack antenna that is easy to put together in just minutes and parts store inside the boom making it ready for travel or storage. Specifically for No bending pliers was used to gently bend 90 degrees to obtain a square with 53 cm inner sides. Each loop has an impedance of approximately Ohm.

To connect both radiators in phase, a quarter wave long feeder of Ohm is required. These Yagis were constructed as ultra-light, portable Yagis with extrem high gain. The article consist of two version of a This antenna is easy on your wallet and easy to build! Invest your time and pack this novel directional gain antenna on your next expedition [ Hits: Votes: 5 Rating: 7. This vertically polarized horizontal slot antenna, cut into the reflector of a TV dish, might be the ultimate stealth antenna.

A Moxon Rectangle is a two element beam, where both elements are folded towards eachother. A 6m diagram is available too. This actual design shows a 1. Ham Radio operators review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

Antenna for 2 meters Antenna projects for MHz. Operating Modes Operating Aids. CB Radio Antique Radio. Home : Antennas : 2M. This antenna offering an effective radiation power 4 times greater of the transceiver output by SV1BSX. Search only in "Antenna for 2 meters". Add a new link. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Add our Daily Top 10 links gadgets to your site.In this publication i explain how to build a very light weight, cheap, easy to build and deployable in 30 seconds portable VHF antenna for the 2 meter band.

Here i present all steps to build this antenna. Measurement results for the S11 or SWR are also provided. All you need for this antenna are 3 pcs of 4 mm diameter threaded rods, a PVC bar with a rectangular cross section 15 x 15 x mm and some screws. You also will need something to cut the rods and a drill. All dimensions are given in mm on the first figure. The antenna is a Yagi type antenna, so it is composed of one reflector, visible on the bottom part of the figure. The reflector is split in two parts, but its overall length is 98 cm.

The main dipole on the middle of the photo has also two hopefully identical parts. Finally, on the top we can see the drilled PVC bar. In order to connect the dipole you will need some coax cable. In my case it is an RG The feeding length of 40 mm visible on the second photo should be respected.

If you have an antenna analyzer you can tune the antenna by increasing or decreasing the length visible on the photo. Otherwise, it should work fine if you have respected all dimensions. Here i present the measured SWR of the antenna.

As you can see, the impedance of the antenna is very well matched to a 50 ohm system. Question 1 year ago on Step 1. Answer 1 year ago. Im new and I plan to do a mixed lazy dual band antenna with threaded rods ,so i can just thread them through amd screw them. After that I might add elwments for 70cm.

And make it higher gain eventually. For now Ill just mix yours and a 3 element design for later Ill try to mix it with www.My first project was a fail. Since I wanted an antenna design that uses elements that can be split in half for easier packing and carrying around. My first try was with aluminum rods and drilled holes.

I cut a thread in them and used a threaded rod to connect the elements.

2m portable yagi

So the project laid around until recently. I chose the 4-El.

First I wanted to make the 28Ohm version, but in the end I went for the 50Ohms. I will make another 2m modular Yagi with a larger boom some time later on and then probably try out the 28Ohms. The challenge was how to connect the elements if they are separated in two halves.

DIY 2m/70cm Handheld Yagi Satellite Antenna

Also, how to connect the radiating elements temporary for use. I came up with a quite odd solution. For the radiators I took two screws that press on to the radiators and are hold together by the casing for the choke. The directors and reflector is hold togehter by a clamp that is using an aluminum plate to couple the two halves.

I was not able to get any copper tape. I assume, when using a copper tape it would be much better. If you choose to take the same approach, make sure you file down the eloxated part on the aluminum.

When using those numbers, I took 0. While doing my first SWR measurements I was going nuts. I realized that it really matters how you layout your feeder coax on the pole and the boom and that you should take great care about that.

Since I had no room for the feeder to go forward on the boom, rather backwards, I had a problem. I got down to 1.The antenna has good reflection coefficient and VSWR ratio 1.

VHF Gain: 7. Expected Pattern VHF. Expected Pattern UHF.

2 Meter Beam Antenna Plans

Soldering iron 8. Aluminum plate 0. Collapsible tube shrinkable tubes. Gudpm po. Optimized po ba itong dual band antenna design nyo pag gagamitin as CrossBand repeater? Hi Alberto, phasing harness computation is always odd multiple of quarter wavelength X velocity factor of coax use 75ohms coax for the phasing line cheers! Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Remember Me. Username or Email. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Hi optimize yan basta gagamitin mo sa designed frequency nya.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The challenge for this antenna was that it had to be compact enough to walk up a mountain and be very quick and easy to assemble and disassemble.

The next problem was how to build it so it can be put together quickly. After a lot of thinking, I decided to use wooden clothes pegs to mount the elements and driven element.

Previous versions I have made used large screw terminal blocks, perspex, plastic booms, but this is certainly the best version so far! Note: The version I built, as described on this page, is optimised for SSB at the low end of the 2m band See Bills comments at the bottom of the page for more info.

OK, on with the MHz build…. The dimensions of the 2m beam antenna, centered on Click for a larger image. Peak gain First test with antenna mounted 3m above ground.

Very happy to see this on the analyser! Never seen it like this before on any other antenna. Of course there are many ways to fabricate a Yagi antenna, but hopefully this page gives you some idea of some options.

Below are some photos showing in detail how the antenna is put together. The antenna disassembled. It can be put together in 30 seconds! The elements are numbered and marked with a black centre line for ease of assembly. An element in place. The black line is centred to the screw, which is centred to the boom. The driven element has a larger plate to accommodate the box which contains the choke and driver assembly. I have used an unknown ferrite with 4 turns of RG as a common mode choke.

I first tried a small air wound choke, but it was not very effective. Cheers Gil! Some photos of using my original homemade Yagi are below. I shall add some of the new one shortly! Summit is Robinson. If you decide to build this antenna, I wish you good luck. I would love to hear your results if you do, please get in touch! I use aluminiumwarehouse. Regarding the question about rod or tube, either is fine.

Of course tube is lighter and more rigid than rod. Greetings John, I am new in amateur radio and I built a version of your antenna to try to reach out from the little valley where I live, with only a hand-held radio. It works very well. How many Watts do you think this unit can handle? Thanks for the effort to post the plans and other info. Hi Steve.In 2-Way markets Push Rules apply unless otherwise stated below. All NFL match markets and pre-game props will be settled according to game stats on www.

2m portable yagi

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DIY 5$ Portable VHF Yagi Antenna for the 2 Meter Band (144-146 MHz) by F4HWK

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Antenna for 2 meters

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2m portable yagi

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2m Yagi for portable SOTA

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